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Geoffrey MacLean

Geoffrey MacLean (b.1942)

Written by Geoffrey MacLean

Geoffrey MacLean was born in Pointe-à-Pierre, Trinidad. MacLean is active in the promotion and publication of works related to historic and contemporary art and architecture in Trinidad and Tobago. A conservationist, he is active in the restoration of historic buildings. The leading authority on Michel-Jean Cazabon, Trinidad’s National Hero and great nineteenth century artist, MacLean has published a book of Cazabon’s lithographs, Views of Trinidad, 1851, in 1984, a biography, Cazabon, The Illustrated Biography of Trinidad’s Nineteenth Century Painter, Michel-Jean Cazabon, in 1986 and Cazabon, The Harris Collection in 1999.

Other publications include Noel Norton’s Trinidad and Tobago in 1988 and 1990; Noel Norton, Another Look at Trinidad and Tobago in 1999, and Boscoe Holder in 1994. He has contributed essays on the history of art of Trinidad and Tobago for several exhibition catalogues, including 1492/1992 un nouveau regard sur le Caraïbes in Courbevoie, France, Cazabon: Martinique-Trinidad, un héritage commun for the Bureau de Patrimoine in Fort de France and Paint me a Rainbow for the Meridian International Center in Washington, D.C. He is a contributor to MacMillan’s Dictionary of World Art and Latin American and Caribbean Art.

MacLean has curated collections of art from Trinidad and Tobago for exhibitions in London, Paris, Bonn, Toronto, Martinique and Dominica. He has been a consultant to several public and corporate collections, including the Prime Minister’s Collection, White Hall, the University of the West Indies Development and Endowment Fund, Citibank, Espace Carpeaux and Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago, producing in 2004 Four Decades of Pride, The Art Collection. In 2006 he was curator for Chinese Artists of Trinidad and Tobago for the celebration of the Bicentennial Anniversary of the Arrival of the Chinese in Trinidad and Tobago and in 2007 The Story of Our Nation for The Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago.

MacLean is a contributing writer and editor to Manikin, the Art and Architecture of Anthony C. Lewis and is Chairman of the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s Committee for the biography of James Isaiah Boodhoo (b.1932 d.2004), one of Trinidad’s leading twentieth century artists.

MacLean is a Past President of the Trinidad and Tobago Institute of Architects, has been a Member of Citizens for Conservation since its inception and was a Council Member of the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago from 2000 to 2008.

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