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Pointe-a-Pierre Railway Station

Pointe-a-Pierre Railway Station Restored

Written by Geoffrey MacLean

Citizens for Conservation is working with Petrotrin’s Victor Young On and Glen Beadon to develop the Pointe-a-Pierre railway station as a museum for Trinidad Railways. The Trinidad Railways line through Pointe-a-Pierre would have been abandoned about 1965. Citizens for Conservation is looking for help to move two 30 ton desiel engines from Usine Ste. Madeleine to Pointe-a-Pierre as well as sourcing old rails that can be laid to accommodate the engines.

Pointe-a-Pierre Railway Station (c.1960)

Anywone wishing to assist can contact Citizens for Conservation at conservationtandt@gmail.com or Glen Beadon at beadon1@london.oilfield.slb.com.

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