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Port of Spain Railway Station

Port of Spain Railway Station 1924

Written by Geoffrey MacLean

Until 1924, when the present building was completed, the Port of Spain Railway Station was a collection of long wooden structures built in 1879. The Railway Station served as the main entrance and exit to and from Port of Spain from its inception, to the abandonment of the railway in 1968. Trinidad Railways linked Port of Spain with stations along the east-west corridor including San Juan, Tunapuna and Arima and south to San Fernando, Princes Town and Rio Claro. The system was considered to be as advanced as any in the world, at one time incorporating diesel engines that were introduced into British Rail some twenty years later.

The imposing structure of the station is typical of the neo-classical colonial designs for Britain’s Colonies in the early part of the twentieth century.

After 1968, the building and yard were converted for Trinidad and Tobago’s Public Transport Service Corporation’s Port of Spain bus station.

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