Limited Edition Medallion

A hand-made copper and leather ornament featuring the Archbishop’s Residence and it is one of the Magnificent Seven.

Also available! There are also limited numbers of ornaments from 2018 which depicted QRC and 2017 which showcased Stollmeyer’s Castle (Castle Killarney).

News Updates

The School Among the Magnificent Seven

Apr 10, 2021

by Josh Lu (March 11, 2016) (Original article source)   INTRODUCTION Before what we know today as Queen’s Royal College at its present location on Queen’s Park West, the school had […]

Conversations with Citizens on Facebook

Sep 01, 2020

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Mille Fleurs – The New Home of the National Trust

Aug 15, 2020

MILLE  FLEURS National Heritage Site Monument of the Greater Caribbean The New Home of the National Trust. Mille Fleurs has been restored, and will house the offices of The National […]

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