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Bamboo Cathedral

Bamboo Cathedral, Chaguaramas | Photograph: Courtesy Noel Norton

Written by Geoffrey MacLean

In the Tucker Valley in Chaguaramas is the Bamboo Cathedral, a 300 metre stretch of roadway where the bamboo stalks bend towards each other above the road. Their tops form arcs reminiscent of those found in cathedrals. Several watercolours by Michel Jean Cazabon (b.1813 d.1888), Trinidad’s great nineteenth century artist and National Hero, were painted on this trace, now known as Cazabon Trail. The “Cathedral” has remained the same for over 150 years.

Cazabon Trail meets the main Tucker Valley Road on the way to MacQueripe Bay. The trail leads to a satellite tracking station overlooking the bay. The valley was named after the Tucker family, one of the original owners of the estate.

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