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Mud Volcanoes

Los Eros Mud Volcano | Photograph Courtesy Angelo Bissessarsingh

Written by Geoffrey MacLean

Trinidad is one of the countries that has a preponderance of mud volcanoes. The term is usually given to areas where there is an extrusion of watery mud or clay, often accompanied by hydrocarbon gases. Occasionally these volcanoes extrude material with violent force, throwing rocks hundreds of feet into the air. Commonly the activity of a mud volcano is simply a mild surface upwelling of muddy and usually saline water accompanied by gas bubbles.

These volcanoes are sometimes known locally as “bouffe” (French for swelling), “morne” or “yard.” The original Amerindian inhabitants of Trinidad called these areas “guaico”, meaning “mud-stream”. When the mud is of the dry type, a conical or volcano shape is usually formed. Wet mud tends to result in depressions.

Los Eros Mud Volcano | Photograph Courtesy Angelo Bessessarsingh

Mud volcanoes are situated at the following places in Trinidad:

Digity, Debe
L’Eau Michel
Devil’s Woodyard
Lagon Bouffe
Anglais Point
Columbia Estate
Los Eros
Cascadoux Trace
Point Radix offshore Volcano

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